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Our family-owned swimming pool design and construction team has 35+ years of building award-winning projects all over Central Texas. From vanishing edge, to perimeter overflow, to challenging hillside installations, our experience and expertise runs deep. All our projects are completely custom, and designed to be absolutely perfect for you and your home.


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Commercial Pools


Our team has designed and installed dozens of beautiful award-winning commercial pools all over Central Texas and beyond. From hotels to apartments to resorts to shopping malls, we’re frequently contacted by architects and other builders to design and build commercial Waterscapes that meet all the latest international pool construction codes, including the stringent requirements of the US Virginia Graeme Baker act.


We know that the commercial build process is different from the residential process. And we know how to recommend, design and build in efficiencies in hydraulics and equipment for maximum cleanliness and energy efficiency.


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Over the last 35+ years, our team members have tackled some of the most challenging and innovative waterscape projects anywhere in Central Texas and beyond. From advanced structural engineering to advanced hydraulic requirements, to sophisticated vanishing edge and perimeter overflow designs we’ve done it all, in both commercial and residential settings. This includes a large number of multi-year projects that take sophisticated project management skills.


Our skills, experience and advice are available to YOU on a consultation basis, no matter who builds your project.


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Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

When it comes to your backyard, the swimming pool is just the beginning. That’s why we offer plenty of other “outdoor living” services and options for homeowners throughout Central Texas. This can range from outdoor living structures to sophisticated fireplaces, patios, hardscapes, sport courts, and many other intriguing options.


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“Fountains” is not just an afterthought for us. We’ve designed and built some of the most interesting and challenging private and commercial fountains anywhere in Central Texas. If you need a unique “non-swimming” water feature for your interior or exterior entryway, or office area, or heliport, or anywhere else, inside or out, we’ve got some great ideas to share with you.


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About Us

About Us

Our 35+ years of experience on advanced and sophisticated project is what truly sets us apart from the competition. From commercial projects to residential projects we worked on more than 1000 different projects in all sorts of challenging conditions throughout Central Texas. And while we’re good at simple budget friendly swimming pool designs, we truly excel with unique challenges such as Hillside and Lakeside installations, and other unique challenges that are so common in this part of Texas.


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Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our pool. The water just reached the edge of the tile this morning and it is beautiful.


The Christian Family, Austin, TX

Your willingness to do whatever it took to not only make sure we were OK with the pool but to make us happy showed in every conversation. Your commitment to customer satisfaction is what made the entire project a positive experience.


The Brymer Family, Austin, TX

We want to thank you again for a great professional installation and the attention accorded us during construction. We highly recommend your company to any inquiries we have about our pool. Our visitors are really impressed with the pool design and how the installation blends with the house and landscaping.


The Charette Family, Austin, TX

I want you to know I very much appreciated your presence during the renovation of my Dad's pool last spring. Your complete professionalism during the renovation project made it a painless experience. The pool almost takes care of itself now. I'd be happy to brag about you to potential customers if the opportunity should arise.


The Hinchliffe Family, Dripping Springs, TX

My pool has never worked better. I spend about 15 minutes each week in maintenance! The pool is always clean and ready to use. In fact, I have stored away the suction hose and vacuum cleaning head since I never need to use them. All I need to do is empty the various baskets and filters.


The Neuhaus Family, Austin, TX

MI was very well impressed with the contractors on the job. The whole project was completed within the time frame we were thinking of. Everything we hoped the project would be has come true.


The Petrach Family, Austin, TX

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