We Can Make ANY Pool BETTER Than New



With more than 35 years experience in the swimming pool industry, we’ve gotten quite good at taking old “uninspiring” swimming pools and turning them into something efficient and beautiful again. In fact, there is essentially no limit to the new features we can add to your swimming pool, such as:


  • Beach Entries
  • Tanning Ledges
  • Built-In Tables with Underwater Seating
  • Waterfalls, Water Curtains, Rain Walls, Weeping Walls
  • Water Arches, Fountains, Bubblers, Aerators, Scuppers
  • Natural Stone or Custom Acrylic Decking
  • Long Life Aggregate Interiors
  • Mosaics and All-Tile Finishes
  • Fiber Optic & LED Lighting
  • Caves, Slides and Grottos
  • Fire Woks, Fire Pits


Our low-maintenance options can save you several hours a week in pool management, and our highly energy-efficient equipment packages can save you so much time, money and electricity that the upgrades will eventually pay for themselves. For example, here are some of the cutting-edge technologies we offer with our renovations:


  • Energy efficient heat pumps
  • Energy efficient pumps and plumbing
  • Ozonators (to reduce the use of chlorine)
  • Mineral systems (to stabilize the water)
  • Saltwater-based chlorine generators
  • Computerized automation systems
  • Built-in automatic pool covers
  • Chlorine-free systems
  • Solar heating systems
  • Robotic cleaners



For more information about our commercial waterscape capabilities, please give us a call at (512) 596-2928, or use our online form. Our commercial design specialist will be happy to help you.